Ice Cream Truck Rentals for Corporate Events

ice cream truck rentals corporate eventsIf you are looking for a way to show your employees or customers your appreciation at an upcoming corporate event or a unique way to promote your company’s brand, consider doing it with ice cream. An ice cream truck rental can create a fun and festive atmosphere at any event and offer you an opportunity to promote your company to current and future customers.

An ice cream truck rental is a simple and effective way to show that you value your employees at a corporate appreciation event or to draw in customers at a special event, such as a product launch. Everybody loves ice cream, and offering it at an event is a simple way to show that you care about your guests.

You can even have the ice cream truck decorated with your company’s name and logo as a creative way to let everyone at your corporate event know that your business is responsible for bringing them the ice cream. You can put your company’s name and logo nearly anywhere on the ice cream truck, including the windshield, serving window, driver’s and passenger’s doors, or rear door. If you want to go all out, you can wrap the entire ice cream truck in your company’s name and logo to get the maximum amount of advertising space.

To make your next corporate event fun and memorable for everyone in attendance, rent an ice cream truck. Whether you are celebrating a company milestone or planning a company outing, product launch, mobile marketing campaign, or client or vendor appreciation event, an ice cream truck rental is a great way to liven up the event. With the ability to decorate the truck with your company’s name and logo, an ice cream truck rental can also offer a unique branding opportunity for your business.

Ice Cream that Tastes Like a Pothole?

pothole ice cream

It is spring and that means a time of warmer temperatures, blossoming flowers and all-around renewal.

Of course, for areas of the country that dealt with a harsh winter, it’s also a time to deal with the potholes left behind by that winter.

One ice cream parlor in Michigan is trying to put a positive spin on the state’s pothole problem. The folks who run the ice cream shop have unveiled a flavor called Michigan Pothole. The flavor was created by an ice cream company in Sterling, Michigan. The owner of the ice cream parlor says the ice cream is a “chocolate base, with a thick tar that goes through and then the little chocolate chunks are pieces of asphalt.”

The company that distributes the ice cream says it will donate a portion (about one percent) of the sales to the Michigan Department of Transportation to, you guessed it, fix the potholes around the state. Is one percent enough to make a dent (sorry) in the pothole problem? Who knows? At the very least, it’s an excuse to eat some ice cream.

If you want to enjoy ice cream that does not remind you of potholes, check out the ice cream menu at your nearest Praline’s in Connecticut. There is no pothole ice cream, but there is Rocky Road. This is chocolate ice cream with mini-marshmallows, chocolate chunks and pecans.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day with Ice Cream

mothers day ice cream

Mother’s Day is almost here. And doesn’t mom deserve some ice cream?

After all, Mother’s Day should be a day when mom does not worry about cooking, much less dessert. The weather is great, so why not have a cookout? And what’s a better cookout dessert than ice cream?

Whew, we asked a lot of questions there. And we think we know most of the answers. Ice cream is terrific and mom would be thrilled by any gift involving ice cream.

Mom deserves the best ice cream and the best ice cream in Connecticut is found at Praline’s. There are many Praline’s locations around the state.

Think about giving mom one of Praline’s delicious ice cream pies. Praline’s has several varieties of such pies. The common denominator is deliciousness.

There’s the Black Bottom ice cream pie. This pie has a layer of chocolate and a layer of vanilla ice cream. The highlight is a fudge center.

There’s also the Mint Chip ice cream pie. This is a treat every mother can love. It starts with Praline’s Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream in a chocolate pie shell with a fudge center. It’s finished off with a chocolate drizzle.

Don’t forget, you can always give mom a Praline’s gift certificate and allow her to pick out her own favorite treat.

A Worldly View of Weird Ice Cream Flavors

haggis ice cream

Is there anything as American as ice cream? Apple pie? Sure, we’ll give you apple pie.

The point is, ice cream is a big part of American culture. Yet, the appreciation of ice cream stretches far beyond the borders of America.

However, some of the flavors found around the globe are a bit more “flavorful” than the flavors found here in the U.S.

Put it this way: There are some funky ice cream flavors out there. In fact, if aliens landed on our planet and tried out some of the flavors listed below as their first ice cream experience, they might wonder what all the fuss is about. Silly humans.
alien ice cream

Anywhere, some of these are definitely acquired tastes:

• Haggis ice cream. For those of you who don’t know, haggis is made up of sheep innards and is served sausage-style. Does this sound like a good idea for an ice cream flavor? Harrold’s department store in London thinks so.
• Spaghetti and cheese ice cream. Lots of folks love ice cream as dessert after a big pasta dinner. Why not just have the spaghetti ice cream? This is a flavor offered at one shop in Venezuela.
• Jellyfish ice cream. Sure, ok. Give it a try. You can find this unique flavor in the U.K.
• Creamed cod ice cream. Speaking of fish, this fishy dessert can be found at a bar in London.

If you are into great ice cream and what to try new flavors without leaving Connecticut, find your way to your nearest Praline’s shop. You won’t even need a passport.

What is Listeria?


The news that a large U.S. ice cream maker issued a complete recall of all products because of a positive test for a potentially deadly bacteria has many people asking question: “What it listeria?”

The recall may also have some people wondering about the safety of certain ice creams. The good news is, this type of massive recall is pretty rare.

Now, back to the question of what is listeria. Listeria is often found in soil and water. It also lives in animals’ digestive tracks. Animals can carry it without getting sick. However, it can cause severe illness in people.

So how could it possibly get in our foods?

Listeria can get into our food supply through contaminated crops or food processing factories, where it can live for years. It’s possible this is what happened in this current ice cream recall. Listeria has been found in unpasteurized milk and cheeses, uncooked meats, fruits, vegetables and some processed foods such as soft cheeses, hot dogs and smoked salmon.

There are steps to take to avoid listeria. If there is any doubt about the freshness or cleanliness of a food, toss it. Rinse raw produce thoroughly. Scrub hard produce (like melons) with a clean scrub brush. Keep raw meat separate from vegetables and cooked foods. Keep a clean kitchen and cooking area.

Storing Homemade Ice Cream

homemade ice cream
For some folks, making homemade ice cream is a spring or summer tradition. Yet it’s important to make sure the ice cream is made and stored properly.

Some of this is feel. It’s understandable that when you make homemade ice cream, you may want to make some extra for storage purposes. However, homemade ice cream does have a shelf life, even in the freezer. It’s a good idea to keep the ice cream storage limit at two months. In fact, you may want to shorten that time period. You don’t want your homemade ice cream developing freezer burn.

The freezer can help in the ice cream-making process. If the ice cream is a little soft when first made, simply stick it in the freezer for a few minutes to allow it to harden and settle.

Homemade ice cream is certainly susceptible to ice crystals. There are ways to lessen the impact of those ice crystals have on your ice cream enjoyment. One tip is to take the homemade ice cream out of the freezer ten minutes before serving. This will help soften any ice crystals that may have formed.

Making homemade ice cream is terrific, yet if you want to skip the work and just enjoy the taste of homemade ice cream, head down to your nearest Praline’s location for a taste of the best ice cream made with the best ingredients.

Ice Cream Invades the Real World

Ice cream has been in the headlines recently, for some very unfortunate reasons.

Blue Bell Creameries is a major ice cream manufacturer in the U.S. It has been dealing with a major recall because of listeria contamination.

According to the CDC, listeria is a serious infection linked to food contaminated with the bacterium listeria monocytogenes. The CDC goes onto say the infection primarily affects older adults, pregnant women, newborns and people with compromised immune systems.

Listeria symptoms include fever and muscle aches and gastrointestinal issues.

One report says an estimated 1,600 people become seriously ill in the U.S. each year because of listeria infection.

This is the crisis confronting Blue Bell Creameries. The company has already issued a huge recall of ice cream products after containers of banana pudding ice cream tested positive for listeriosis.

Blue Bell Creameries is based in Texas. Operations have been suspended at the Oklahoma plant following the discovery of listeria at the plant.

The recall was issued after contaminated ice cream was linked to three deaths at a hospital in Kansas. The illness was tracked to a production line in Texas and then to a second line in Oklahoma.

The impact of this discovery and recall is being felt in a wide range of areas. Concessions at two Major League Baseball parks are being impacted. The Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros announced Blue Bell Ice Cream products will not be available during the first homestands of the season.

It’s frightening anytime something like this happens. Hopefully, this will not deter people from enjoying their favorite ice cream treats. Ice cream, made with the best ingredients, is still a wonderful treat for family and friends.

The Case of the Stolen Ice Cream Cone Molds

ice cream molds

Almost all folks love ice cream and ice cream cones. Thieves in New Zealand apparently love ice cream enough to steal (they are, after all, thieves).

Call it the case of the stolen ice cream molds. Earlier this year, several hundred ice cream cone molds disappeared from a shed at a food company. Foul play was suspected.

The business owner was understandably befuddled. After all, he says, these ice cream cone molds are only good for making ice cream cones. His only thought as to why someone would steal them would maybe be for scrap metal.

We’re talking about a couple pieces of ice cream stand equipment. 300 of these ice cream molds disappeared. The ice cream molds were worth tens of thousands of dollars to the food company.

So where does this mystery end? Is there a thieving burglary ring out there making illegal ice cream cones? We may never know the answers. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy some ice cream.

Praline’s is in the business of ice cream and ice cream enjoyment. There is no mystery, only deliciousness. If you have not visited Praline’s lately, head down and try out Rocky Road. This is chocolate ice cream with mini-marshmallows, chocolate chunks and pecans. Try it today. No thievery needed.

Liven Up Your Vanilla Ice Cream

Praline's Own Made

It’s one of those weird times of the year. St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone and Easter is almost here. It’s officially spring but does not really feel like spring because it’s cold, then it’s kinda warm, then it’s cold again. There is still snow but less snow with the promise of even less snow. Maybe.

Confused? So are we. It’s that time of year. Let’s think about fun, delicious things that can be accomplished with ice cream.

If you have a hankering for ice cream one day and open your freezer to find ONLY vanilla ice cream, don’t despair. First of all, there is nothing wrong with vanilla ice cream. It’s America’s preferred flavor (according to several polls, many of which were undoubtedly based in science). However, if you want to liven up your ice cream because you are tired of looking at snow and dirt disguised as grass, we have good news. You have culinary options.

First, is there a banana in your house? If so, why not take that ice cream and banana and whip up a banana split. Think a banana split is one of those desserts that is only ordered outside the home? Think again. Banana splits are easy. You don’t even need the boat-shaped sundae dish. Just cut the banana in half and use your standard ice cream bowl. Three scopes of ice cream, a banana, chocolate sauce and some whipped cream. Viola. You are good to go.

Usually crumbled cookies are a reason to get out the vacuum cleaner. Not the case when they are combined with vanilla ice cream. That’s a nice cookie crumble combination.

Want to make a great dessert? If you have brownie mix, bake a pan of brownies and whip up some brownie sundaes.

If you just want to skip the ice cream creations, you can always head to your local Praline’s and enjoy homemade ice cream without worrying about any muss or fuss.

What Does Spring Taste Like?

pralines cookie kaboom

Spring is almost here. Isn’t it? It has to be, right? This has been the winter that will not end. Everyone wants to get a taste of spring and enjoy the outdoors and fresh air without worrying about snow, ice and frostbite.

So what does spring taste like? We think there are many ways to “taste” spring, and many of those ways include ice cream.

Spring can be warm days and summer breezes. Spring can be days of showers and the smell of flowers.

There are plenty of ice cream flavors that can enhance the season of spring and make it more enjoyable.

• Graham Cracker Snacker. This is vanilla ice cream with chocolate-covered graham crackers.
• Lemon Pie. Lemon-flavored ice cream with shortbread cookie pieces.
• Orange Pineapple. Let’s with the citrus theme.
• Irish Cream. St. Patrick’s Day may be over but you can still enjoy the great taste of this seasonal ice cream flavor.
• Apple Crumb Caramel. This is another great seasonal flavor. This has always been a popular fall favorite, but who doesn’t love snacking on an apple on a warm spring day? This ice cream is great any time of year.

When spring rolls around, we’ll all be looking for excuses to get outside and enjoy better weather. Why not head over to your nearest Praline’s and indulge in your favorite spring flavor?