Youth is served in this Ice Cream Business

ice cream kid

Kids love the sound of the ice cream truck bell. And why not? That ice cream bell is the sound of summer vacation and outdoor fun.

Yet, one youngster in Georgia is looking at the ice cream truck business from a businessman’s perspective. This 11-year-old owns his own ice cream truck.

The boy’s parents say this ice cream truck actually started when the boy was eight. It was then that he told his parents he wanted an ice cream truck.

The family could not afford an actual ice cream truck, so they had a family friend set up a freezer to a welded frame on wheels. ice cream kid trailer

Now, the young man and his family do about two to three events per week. They stop at weddings, festivals, fundraisers and other events where ice cream would be appreciated. The family says they donate some of the earnings to charity, things like fundraisers and non-profits.

The young man has bigger dreams that go beyond just selling ice cream out of a moving vehicle. He’s all in on the ice cream business, saying he’d eventually like to make his own line of ice cream, including gluten-free ice cream, sugar-free ice cream and lactose-free ice cream.

He also has a saying he is quite fond of: “Happiness is ice cream!”

This is a great story for National Ice Cream month. It is another example of how ice cream can help people come together and dream of bigger and better things. A bit hokey? Perhaps. But we are always looking for feel-good stories that remind why we love ice cream. We want to build memories when we head to our favorite ice cream spot. Those memories last a lifetime.

Different Ways to Enjoy Ice Cream

smores and ice cream

We are still in National Ice Cream Month so enjoy your ice cream in all your favorite ways.

You can also get creative. There are lots of ways to enjoy ice cream that may never have crossed your mind. If you do get creative, you may come across some delicious discoveries. Sometimes getting funky means finding great flavor.

Make your own homemade Rocky Road ice cream. Start with homemade ice cream (or not) and then empty your supplies of marshmallow, nuts and chocolate syrup in the ice cream. It’s an ice cream taste explosion.
Cereal ice cream sandwiches. Take your favorite cereal, coat them top to bottom on a ball of your favorite ice cream, stick it in the freezer for a few minutes, remove and enjoy.
Waffle ice cream sandwich. Frozen waffles. Ice cream. Combine. That pretty much says it all. Try vanilla ice cream and frozen blueberry waffles.
• Ritz Cracker ice cream sandwiches. Are you a fan of sweet, salty and buttery all in the same snack? Then this is your treat.
Ice cream tacos. These work best with unsalted soft flour tortillas. Fill with ice cream and thrown some chocolate sauce on them again.
Nutella ice cream milkshakes. Just a thought.
Combine s’mores with ice cream. We are not going to mislead you. You’ll need a bowl because this is going to get messy. But combining just-finished s’mores with vanilla ice cream.
Toasted marshmallow milkshakes. If you don’t want to go the full s’mores route, toast some marshmallows and throw them in the blender with milk and ice cream.

These are just a few of the fun things you do with ice cream. They are all great ways to celebrate National Ice Cream Month. And don’t forget to visit your favorite ice cream shop this month.

Handle Your Ice Cream with Care

caramel ice cream

It’s National Ice Cream Month. That’s something worth celebrating. It’s also July, so it’s hot out. Maybe this is a good time to talk about handling and storing our ice cream.

The good folks at the International Dairy Foods Association know a little something about storing and handling ice cream. They’ve got some thoughts on the subject.

First of all, no one needs a science degree to understand that ice cream must be kept cold. Ice cream and frozen desserts can see changes in body, texture and flavor characteristics because of melting. Plus, ice cream gets sticky when it melts. Who needs that?

So, let’s start with simple tips:

• Ice cream should be the last thing you get at the grocery store before proceeding to the checkout.
• Place at the top of the grocery cart.
• Don’t buy soft ice cream. The freezer at the store should be at least -20° F.
• Make the grocery or ice cream shop before heading home. Blasting the air conditioning in your car will not keep the ice cream from melting over time.
• Keep your freezer cold. This should go without saying, but we’re saying it anyway. -5° and 0° F should do it.
• Store ice cream in the main part of the freezer. Don’t store it on the freezer door. There is too much temperature fluctuation
• Don’t store ice cream next to uncovered food. Nobody want Rocky Road ice cream that tastes like frozen Brussels sprouts.
See? Storing ice cream isn’t so hard. National Ice Cream Month to practice storing and eating ice cream.

Just the Facts: It’s National Ice Cream Month

pralines ice cream cone

We are in week two of National Ice Cream Month. How sweet it is.

This national celebration of ice cream was the brainchild of President Ronald Reagan. President Reagan hated communists but loved ice cream. He also declared July 19th would be National Ice Cream Day. So we got that going for us, which is nice.

In honor of National Ice Cream Month, let’s take a look at some fun ice cream facts:

• About 10.3% of all milk produced by U.S. dairy farms is used to produce ice cream.
• It takes about three gallons of milk to make one gallon of ice cream.
• The origin of ice cream remains a bit of a mystery. There are lots of theories.
• America really likes its ice cream. Most of us (Americans) eat, on average, 20 quarts of ice cream a year.
• Vanilla remains the most popular flavor, taking up between 20-29% of overall ice cream sales. Chocolate is second.
• Chocolate syrup remains the world’s most popular ice cream topping.
• It is widely accepted that the ice cream cone was invented at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis.
• The tallest ice cream cone ever scooped was in Italy. It was over nine feet tall.
• 87% of Americans have ice cream in their freezer. Go look.

This seems like a great time to remind you that the best way to enjoy National Ice Cream month is by enjoying ice cream. Make your way to your favorite ice cream spot and enjoy your favorite scoop. Make it two.

National Ice Cream Month

national ice cream month

July is here. That means it’s officially National Ice Cream month. America will celebrate its birthday with ice cream. What could be better?

National Ice Cream Month is also celebrating a birthday. 31 years ago, President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of July as National Ice Cream Day. (So remember to circle Sunday July 19th on your calendars). Apparently the President who came up with supply-side economics also enjoyed a little ice cream on the side.ronald reagon ice cream

Here’s another fun fact about ice cream: About ten percent of all milk produced by dairy farmers in the U.S. is used to produce ice cream.

This is also the time of year that is great for fruit. It’s prime seasonal time for many fruits.

Praline’s is proud to deliver delicious ice cream highlighting fresh fruit

Orange Pineapple ice cream is very refreshing. Try it some summer night after a barbeque.

Like blueberries? Try Blueberry Schnapps ice cream. This ice cream features fresh blueberries combined with blueberry liquor.fall ice cream

Have you tried Banana ice cream? Really great banana ice cream? If you haven’t, it’s high time you try the Banana ice cream at Praline’s. This ice cream features crushed FRESH bananas, combined with real cream.

Books for Ice Cream

ice cream book

This is prime ice cream season and there is a very cool program happening in Maine. A book drive program is underway, encouraging folks to fill up the bookmobile by offering the sweet treat of ice cream.

It’s happening this week at a book and toy store in Bangor, Maine. An ice cream provider is lending an ice cream truck and teaming with a member of a volunteer literacy program in Bangor.

The goal, beyond having a strong book drive, is to promote and improve education and literacy in the greater Bangor area.

There is a track record of success for this program, which is now in its third year. Last year’s event raised more than 1,000 books for children and teens. New and gently used books are once again being accepted during this year’s drive.

People who bring books to the ice cream truck/bookmobile will get ice cream in exchange for each book. There will also be story times and read-a-longs at the book and toy store in Bangor.

In this third year of the event, the goal is to collect 1,500 books for children and young adults.

This is certainly a great time of year to enjoy ice cream. What’s a better way to spend a lazy summer day than by enjoying a good book with fresh ice cream that features a true homemade taste?

Improve Your Ice Cream Flavor

homemade ice cream fruit

Ice cream is very good. Anyone want to argue that point? Didn’t think so. People love ice cream and lots of people love making homemade ice cream, especially during the summer season.

Yet, can homemade ice cream be even better? Sure. Don’t slam the door on ice cream improvements. Try out some of the following suggestions. Get creative. After all, that creativity may result in deliciousness.

Texture in ice cream is just so important. A bad feel can leave a bad taste in your mouth. There are ways to improve texture in homemade ice cream.

Cocoa butter is not cheap, but it can add a more velvety texture to homemade ice cream without leaving behind a fatty coating.

Get creative with your flavor profile. Add real chocolate flakes. Check out what local fruits are in season and incorporate those fresh fruits in your homemade ice cream. Fresh summer strawberries are awesome in so many ways, ice cream being no exception. If you are lucky enough to live near a local farm that allow for fresh fruit picking, take advantage and ask what fruits are in season.

There is no big secret. Simply add your fresh fruit to your vanilla ice cream base and mix away.

Of course, we always offer this reminder: If you want true homemade ice cream flavor without the homemade ice cream work, go to your nearest Praline’s and check out a new flavor creation.

The Kanye West Celebrity Birthday Ice Cream Tour

kanye west ice cream

Lots of us love to celebrate our birthdays with ice cream. A birthday can be a whole lot sweeter when it comes with a delicious ice cream cake or ice cream pie.

Yet, for many of us common folks, those birthday treats are just enjoyed on the actual birthday. Celebrities operate on a different plateau. As such, they get to spread the birthday celebration out over an entire week. At least they do if their name is Kanye West.

Many of you may not know this, but last week was Kanye West Ice Cream Week. The rapper turned 38 on Monday, June 8th. One New York-based ice cream parlor decided that was reason enough to celebrate with ice cream for a week. kim and kayne ice cream

It was six days’ worth of Kayne-inspired ice cream. The ice cream parlor’s interior was transformed into what was called a “Kanye’s beautiful but darkly lit ice cream parlor”. The menu includes flavors like Red October Raspberry and All Day Vanilla.

• The Kim K. Thirst Trap Sundae includes sesame caramel ice cream with champagne caramel sauce and whipped cream.
• The I Am a God Ice Cream Croissantwich features vanilla ice cream inside an Arcade Bakery croissant. (This seems like a long title for an ice cream sandwich…)

OK, sounds like fun and we appreciate celebrities that enjoy ice cream. However, we want to make sure all folks get to enjoy wonderful ice cream, no matter their tax bracket or Q rating.

Using Ice Cream to Pay for College

ice cream dollar

Let’s start with two undisputed facts:

1. Ice cream is delicious
2. College is expensive

So what do these two facts have in common? Plenty, if you are a Pennsylvania high school student with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Ben Gelenberg is getting ready to load up his van and sling ice cream around Patton Township, Pennsylvania this summer. The name of his mobile ice cream business? College Fund Ice Cream and Frozen Treats.

Patton Township is not far from Penn State, where Gelenberg is likely to attend, possibly to study professional golf management (who knew) or history in hopes of becoming a teacher.

Let’s go back to one of those indisputable truths: College costs money. A lot of money. So Gelenberg plans to put his ice cream funds toward his college money

That entrepreneurial spirit runs in the family. Ben’s parents have owned residential property for 24 years. Now at 17, Ben feels like he is ready to step out and run his own ship (or van). He says he’s been helping with his parents’ residential properties since he was ten years old.

Ben’s dad came up with the initial idea of the ice cream business, reading how others had done the same thing in other parts of the country.

Ben has also learned about the legal aspect of the independent ice cream business. He knows he has to stay within town lines when selling his treats, or face a fine.

Ben’s plan is just another way ice cream can bring something positive to people’s lives. Even when it comes to college tuition.

Let’s Get Excited for Summer Ice Cream

fall ice cream

Can you feel it in the air? It’s summer ice cream season.

We are now past Memorial Day. The unofficial start of summer is here. Let’s get excited for ice cream season. Yes, we know the weather in Connecticut this first week of June feels more like March or November. Is the weather a bummer? Yes. Is the cool weather going to last? Heck no.

Summer weather will be here. Let’s get ready to dance for ice cream.
ice cream dancing

Praline’s has so many seasonal flavors that enhance the feeling and spirit of summer.

Can we talk about blueberries for a moment? Praline’s is down with blueberries. If you want to try a delicious combination of fruit and ice cream, have a taste of Blueberry Schnapps Ice Cream. The seasonal flavor from Praline’s is ice cream combined with blueberry schnapps liquor and fresh blueberries.

If you like that combo of fruit and ice cream, try the Orange Pineapple Ice Cream. It’s fruity. It’s citrusy. It’s ice cream. It’s very refreshing.

If you really want to treat yourself to an ice cream treat, take a beloved candy bar and combine it with Praline’s vanilla ice cream. Snickers® Ice Cream is the result of that combination.

There are lots of great things about summer. We don’t need to list them. You surely have your own list. Yet, we can all agree ice cream is awesome.