Our Committment to Quality

At Pralines, we are committed to using the highest quality ingredients we can get our hands on. Product freshness and quality of ingredients makes for better ice cream, and we have a reputation as Connecticut’s best ice cream to maintain. With 12 locations throughout the state, awareness of our brand continues to spread quickly, and we intend to stay steadfast in our commitment to keeping our variety of flavors tasting their best year after year.

Being in business since 1984, we’re just following the family recipes, and we’ve made a name for ourselves having the best ice cream in the area. Anyone interested in working with Pralines to open a franchise-fee-free ice cream parlor location in Connecticut or the surrounding states is encouraged to contact us about retail resale business opportunities. We began selling our ice cream to retailers after the buzz started to spread around town about how fantastic our flavors were, and people wanted to be able to enjoy the ice cream in their homes any time of the day. We still see our favorite customers time and time again, however, coming out to enjoy a delicious cup or cone of ice cream with their family.

Freshness of Ingredients

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