Apple Caramel Crumb Ice Cream

Praline's Corporate OfficeNothing is better than walking into someone's home, at the brink of fall, to the smell of a sweet, warm, apple pie baking in the oven. We Americans love our apple pie, and that is why Praline's Own Made Ice Cream came up with the idea to create Apple Caramel Crumb ice cream this fall season. What better way to welcome the cool weather of autumn than with a delicious apple pie ice cream cone?

What we have done here at Praline's, to create this apple pie dessert, is added cinnamon apples to our vanilla ice cream. We then added caramel sauce as well as cinnamon crumb toppings and swirled them all together to make one uniform apple pie ice cream experience. We carefully hand selected all of these ingredients to best match a true apple pie; we know you wont be disappointed. In fact, you may end up enjoying our Apple Caramel Crumb ice cream more than the pie! Our Apple Caramel Crumb ice cream is also a great dessert to add to the Thanksgiving table. Don't have time to cook an apple pie? Substitute the baking with a tub of our new seasonal ice cream! Who knows, your relatives may request this "special dessert" for years to come!

Here at Praline's, we take pride in making the best ice cream in town. Our premium ice cream is the true homemade ice cream of Connecticut; where else would you go to find the perfect seasonal treat? Trust your taste buds to the experts in ice cream, and come on over to Praline's this fall and taste our homemade Apple Caramel Crumb ice cream, but hurry, as this flavor will only be available from September 1 to November 30. That's only three short months of delicious, mouth watering, apple pie ice cream! Get your fix while our supplies last and tell your friends, because this is one flavor we don't want anyone to miss out on!

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