Blueberry Schnapps Ice Cream

Praline's Corporate OfficeFor you "of age" ice cream lovers out there, who doesn't love a dash of schnapps in a cool fruit blend? Well now you can have your schnapps in a frozen desert as well with Praline's Own Made Blueberry Schnapps Ice Cream! Now taking the kids for a weekend icy treat will be just as much fun for you as it is for them. Please eat responsibly!

So why did we decide to make a blueberry schnapps ice cream? Here at Praline's, we like to keep our customers on their toes by presenting new and exciting flavors on a regular basis. The same old ice cream flavors can become mundane; that is why Praline's is dedicated to creating new bold and exciting flavors to keep you coming back for more. We want each visit to Praline's to be a completely new experience for all of our customers. That is why we are constantly developing new ideas and recreating old ones. Here at Praline's, we don't just sell ice cream, we create the ultimate ice cream experience.

So is our blueberry schnapps ice cream really made with schnapps liquor? Yes, our homemade recipe is made with the best blueberry schnapps liquor that is blended into our fresh blueberry ice cream. That's right, we said fresh blueberries. Here at Praline's, we make our ice cream with the finest ingredients and homemade right here in CT. Our blueberry schnapps ice cream is made with fresh blueberries to provide you with a great taste you won't be able to find in any other blueberry flavored ice cream.

If you're a schnapps drinker, we guarantee you'll be a schnapps ice cream eater after you've tried our blueberry schnapps ice cream. Come on over to Praline's Own Made Ice Cream parlor to try a scoop, or two, of this delicious new flavor… we are sure you won't be disappointed.

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