Cranberry Nut Gingersnap Ice Cream

Praline's Corporate OfficeAt Praline's Own Made Ice Cream, we have a new flavor that is sure to surprise you, a flavor that you can only get here at Praline's for a limited time only. So, make sure you get here between November 1 and December 31 to get your hands on a delicious scoop of Praline's Cranberry Nut Gingersnap ice cream!

Sound kind of yucky? It's okay; we knew that would be your first reaction. The thing is, cranberry and gingersnap are not very popular flavors, and here at Praline's, we realize this. Many complain that cranberry is too tart and ginger cookies are too, well, gingery! That is why we have taken these two flavors, balanced them out, and added walnuts by combining them in one delicious scoop! We have taken the tartness of cranberries and the spice of the ginger and made a mouthwatering dessert that you won't believe until you try. To make this ice cream, we combined our cranberry ice cream with yummy pieces of gingersnap cookie, and then throw in some walnuts, to give you the perfect amount of sweet tart cranberry and ginger spice.

Now if you're thinking that you can easily try this flavor by buying your own cranberry ice cream and adding your own gingersnap cookies, let us tell you that you couldn't be more mistaken. Here at Praline's, our ice cream is made from scratch with only the finest ingredients. We pride ourselves for having the finest, highest quality ice cream in town. Our ice cream is not shipped in from out of state; it is made fresh right here in Connecticut. Because our ice cream is local, you can rest assured that every scoop will taste as good as the last. Sure, you can make your own Cranberry Nut Gingersnap concoction at home; however, we guarantee that it won't ever taste as good as our homemade recipe. Don't believe us? Come on in and try some for yourself!

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