Eggnog Chip Ice Cream

Praline's Corporate OfficeEggnog, either you love it or your hate it. If you hate it, you better stop reading this right now; if you love it, continue on please.

As you eggnog lovers know, this creamy thick drink is best served cold. Even though some eggnog drinkers enjoy a hot eggnog coffee, traditionally eggnog was meant to be served chilled. Therefore, have you ever thought of trying eggnog ice cream? No? If not, perhaps you should reconsider any previous reservation against just an ingenious ice cream snack.

Because the milk, egg, sugar, and spices of eggnog are already a great base for ice cream, it wasn't hard for us to turn this delicious drink into an unbeatable ice cream. We know what you're thinking… brilliant! In fact, this idea is so simply wonderful that we at Praline's can't stop talking about it! This new recipe simply makes sense, so much so that we don't know how the idea didn't present itself to us sooner!

So anyway, let's talk more about this new eggnog creation. We at Praline's created our very own, homemade eggnog ice cream using only the finest ingredients. By doing this, we have created the highest quality eggnog ice cream in town. After we finished making the ice cream, we went ahead and added teardrop chocolate chips. Yes that's right… chocolate. Adding chocolate to eggnog is like putting a cherry on top of a banana split – it completes the masterpiece. Plus, who doesn't like a little chocolate drizzle in their eggnog?

If just the thought of our new eggnog ice cream has made your mouth water, you need to hurry in and try a scoop for yourself! But hurry, eggnog is seasonal, and so is our ice cream. We will only be offering eggnog chip ice cream from November 14 until December 31.

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