Peach Schnapps Ice Cream

Praline's Corporate OfficePeach is an all time American favorite! Not only is it a great flavor for ice cream, but it is also a popular flavor for all types of hard candies, gum, cotton candy, slushies, teas, and a variety of fruit juices. With such popularity, it is no wonder where the phrase, "everything's just peachy," came from. This universally-loved flavor has been enjoyed, shared and celebrated by so many, and because of its popularity, we have been inspired to do something crazy. We have decided to make a peach dessert that is so deliciously peachy and creative, you won't be able to resist.

Here at Praline's, we have taken our ever popular peach ice cream and added an ingredient that is sure to take your love of peach to the next level. We have added peach schnapps liquor to the recipe to create a new peach schnapps ice cream! Now you can enjoy Praline's original peach ice cream blend: fresh peach flavored ice cream and peach pieces, mixed with the perfect amount of peach schnapps! This new creation is bursting with peach flavor, making it the ultimate peach flavored ice cream snack. Sound like a dream come true? That's because it is! Make sure you swing by Praline's to try this revolutionary creation that is sure to raise your standards of peach flavored ice cream forever.

We can confidently guarantee that you won't find a flavor this bold, this exciting and this original at any other ice cream parlor in Connecticut. All of our ice cream is homemade with the finest ingredients from right here in Connecticut. If you want high quality ice cream, make sure you come only to Praline's Own Made Ice Cream and try a scoop of our very own original recipe for peach schnapps ice cream.

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