Truthfully Cherry Ice Cream

Praline's Corporate OfficeChocolate is safe, vanilla is too bland… you're a cherry fanatic and you don't care who knows it! The only problem with being a cherry ice cream lover, as I'm sure you already know, is that there simply aren't enough cherry options. When vanilla and chocolate are the two most popular flavors around, it's not hard to find new concoctions but for cherry fans… well, they just get shafted. Well, there is good news, fellow cherry lovers: Praline's Own Made Ice Cream has a new cherry flavor just for you, and it's almost here!

From January 15 to March 15, Praline's will be offering a new seasonal flavor called Truthfully Cherry. This flavor was created with you in mind, our cherry lovers. This specialty ice cream has a chocolate thunder base with a chocolate cherry ripple throughout; everyone knows cherry and chocolate go great together. We then mixed in cherry cordials and maraschino cherries to give you that cherry burst of flavor in every bite. To top it off, we added some chocolate flakes, you know, just to make it perfect. This cherry chocolate dream is sure to have you running back for more, and why shouldn't you? Because Truthfully Cherry is only offered for a limited time, we say get your fill while you can!

When other ice cream parlors are offering chocolate overloads and traditional vanilla cones with sprinkles, where can you go to satisfied you cherry sweet tooth? Praline's Own Made Ice Cream makes the highest quality home made ice cream in Connecticut; having said that, if you want the best cherry ice cream in the state, the only place to go is to Praline's. Get excited for a cherry-filled season and come on in for a double scoop of Truthfully Cherry ice cream. Trust us when we say it will be the best cherry ice cream you've ever tasted.

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