Hood Distributor

Hood® Ice CreamAt Praline's Own Made Ice Cream, we are a proud distributor of Hood ice cream mix and offer both hard and soft serve mixes to interested customers.

Here at Praline's, we have been making our homemade ice cream since 1984. We pride ourselves on creating a delicious product that has great consistency. We want our customers to always enjoy our product no matter when or where they buy it. You can have our ice cream by visiting one of our Praline's Ice cream shops or by going to a store that carries our product. No matter where you get our ice cream, it will always be fresh and homemade.

Sometimes, a company that wants to use Hood's mix is not large enough to meet their minimum order requirements. Praline's can help you get the same great Hood product in smaller quantities. We can take a smaller order of mix and even deliver it to your location. At Praline's, we provide 16%, 14%, 10%, and 5% ice cream mixes. The 16 percent mix would be used for premium ice cream, and the 10 and 5 percent would be for making soft serve.

If you are interested in using the Hood ice cream mix that we sell here at Praline's, you can contact our corporate office by phone, fax, or email.

Phone: 203-284-8847
Fax: 203-949-0576
Email: info@pralinesownmade.com

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