Hood Ice Cream Mix

Hood® Ice CreamAt Praline's Own Made Ice Cream, we are proud to distribute Hood mix for soft serve or hard ice cream.

We have been making our homemade ice cream since 1984 at Praline's. Starting as a small ice cream shop in the old Colony Plaza in Wallingford, Praline's is now offered at 12 different locations throughout Connecticut. Praline's Home Made Ice Cream was started by Donna Torre and her late husband Joe. Our award winning ice cream flavors all start with the finest soft serve or hard mixes.

Hood Mixes come as 16%, 14%, 10%, or 5% milk fat. The percent refers to how much milk fat is used in the mix, and the higher the milk fat, the richer and creamier the ice cream will be. The 16 percent and 14 percent mixes are used to make hard ice cream. The 10 and 5 percent mixes are used to create soft serve. We distribute the mix to local businesses that wish to make ice cream in our area. If you are a smaller company that wants to use Hood mix for your product, you can purchase it through us at Praline's.

Sometimes a smaller business can't meet the minimum order requirements Hood has at their distribution locations. At Praline's, we can accommodate for your smaller order needs and even provide delivery.

If you wish to purchase Hood ice cream mix for your business, you can contact us by phone, fax, or email.

Phone: 203-284-8847
Fax: 203-949-0576
Email: info@pralinesownmade.com

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