A Little Milkshake History

Praline's Corporate OfficeThe combination of cold ice and cold milk is hard to beat. The milkshake is the ice cream-based treat that can be enjoyed while you are "on the go".

The milkshake did not start out as a "soft drink". The first milkshakes were created in 1885. Those milkshakes were an alcoholic whiskey drink that "served as a tonic as well as a treat".

The whiskey version did gain the popularity that the alcohol-free version would. By the time 1900 rolled around, the milkshake was being described as a "wholesome" drink made with strawberry, chocolate or vanilla syrup.

The milkshake went mainstream in 1922 when a worker at a drug store in Chicago took a malted milk drink made up of malt, chocolate and milk and added two scoops of ice cream.

By the next decade, milkshakes were a popular item at drug stores and malt shops around the country. This all happened around the time the motorized blender was invented. This made milkshakes easier to make in restaurants and at home.

In 1954, McDonald's founder Ray Kroc helped develop and market the Multimixer. This machine would change milkshake history. The Multimixer was a machine that could make five milkshakes at a time. The machines began being used in restaurants and fast food joints faster than you could say "mass production".

Not much has changed with the milkshake of today, except for new and creative flavors. The same holds true for ice cream. Think about your favorite ice cream flavor. Then think about how that would taste as a milkshake. Mmmmmm.

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