Ice Cream Shops in CT

Praline's Corporate OfficeAt Praline's Own Made Ice Cream, we are always striving to stay as the top ice cream shop in Connecticut. Our reputation as Connecticut's best ice cream comes from our commitment to quality. We pride ourselves on having the freshest, best ice cream and highest level of customer service possible.

While other ice cream shops in CT purchase generic products to sell to their customers, at Praline's, we only use our homemade ice cream. We have been manufacturing and serving our homemade ice cream since 1984 for our loyal customers in Connecticut. Our family recipe has been a hit since we started making our ice cream in the back of our first ice cream parlor.

Founded by Donna and her late husband Joe Torre, Praline's has always strived to give its customers the best ice cream and service. To Joe everyone who came through the door was more than just a customer. He wanted every experience at his ice cream shop to be special and the superior customer service, along with the delicious ice cream, made them keep coming back.

Since the first Praline's was opened in Wallingford in 1984, we have expanded to having our ice cream sold in over 10 different locations. Our ice cream is not only offered at Praline's shops, but other parlors feature our product, too. All of our ice cream is now made in our corporate office located in Wallingford.

We have become so popular in Connecticut that we are able to franchise our company out to people who also believe in serving the freshest homemade ice cream and having the best customer service around. So if you are not sure what the best ice cream shop is in Connecticut, look no further than Praline's Own Made!

Seasonal Flavors
Apple Caramel Crumb
Blueberry Schnapps
Cranberry Nut Gingersnap
Eggnog Chip
Irish Cream
Orange Pineapple
Peach Schnapps
Peppermint Stick
Truthfully Cherry

Types of Ice Cream
Hood® Ice Cream Distributor
Hood® Ice Cream Mix
Ice Cream Mix
16% Ice Cream Mix
10% Ice Cream Mix
Soft Serve Mix
Ice Cream Cakes
Ice Cream Rolls

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