Starting an Ice Cream Parlor Franchise Location in Connecticut

Praline's franchise opportunityPraline's Ice Cream provides the opportunity to start your own business in the town of your choice.

Ice cream is a big business in Connecticut, part of a $20 billion national industry spurred by impulse purchases. With different types of ice cream franchises available, including traditional homemade ice cream stores, frozen yogurt stores, and gelato stores opening up, along with coffee-ice cream combinations like some of Praline's locations, there are many different options for potential franchisees to choose from.

Why Become a Franchise Owner?

It's fun to open an ice cream shop, because you're selling a product that makes people happy. "When people come for ice cream, they are usually celebrating something. The smiles on ice cream eaters' faces is the most rewarding thing for me," one ice cream parlor franchise owner said.

As an ice cream parlor owner, you have the opportunity to sell a popular product that people love. You have the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss and can make your franchise an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that's a popular tourist attraction or a scoop shop that sells a high volume of takeout ice cream.

You can also sell a variety of delicious products. To see all Praline's offers at our locations, from flavors to desserts and more, browse through our websites.

What to Consider First

Before opening an ice cream parlor franchise location in Connecticut, make sure you carefully consider site selection for traffic patterns and area demographics. Also check lease rates and determine how much rent you can pay in relation to forecast sales. Check on ice cream suppliers to find the best product. Determine tricks to help increase business and build repeat business. Determine menu development and pricing strategies. Check for machinery, including soft serve machines and freezers. Also, review the basics of employee training and proper scooping techniques.

As you can see, there's a lot that goes into starting a successful ice cream parlor franchise in Connecticut, but the Nutmeg state loves ice cream, so it's a viable business that offers the opportunity for profit.

Contact Praline's for franchise opportunities that give you the chance to own your own business in a fun environment that makes customers happy and promises repeat business and new business from the families and friends of customers who want to try your delicious ice cream product.

Start capitalizing on the ice cream market potential today, and consider an ice cream parlor franchise in Connecticut!

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