What is Dulce De Leche?

Praline's Corporate OfficeDoes Dulce De Leche mean "delicious"? No.

Is Dulce De Leche delicious? No doubt.

So what exactly is Dulce De Leche?

It's a confection, with its origins in South America. It may seem like caramel, and there are similarities. However, caramel is made by heating sugar, whereas Dulce De Leche is made by slowly heating sweetened milk. Dulce De Leche means, roughly, "candy of milk". It's popular and very common in desserts found in South American countries. It's certainly been gaining in popularity here in the U.S.

Simple recipes for Dulce De Lech call for milk and sugar to be slowly simmered with constant stirring. Ingredients such as vanilla can be added for additional flavor. The process of making Dulce De Leche is often simple but can take a long time. Along with milk and sugar, you can find recipes that incorporate cream and butter. Still, all the stirring during that slow heating process does take time, but it's certainly worth the trouble. The finished product is a rich, smooth sauce with sweetness and the hint of milk.

Dulce De Leche has been used for decades to flavor sweet treats like candy and cake. In the 1990's, it began to appear more frequently in products in the U.S.

Praline's is happy to feature a Dulce De Leche ice cream. Talk about decadent. This is a combination of sweet, caramel-flavored ice cream with a Dulce De Leche ripple throughout. It's delicious and the preparation time is no more than the time it takes to deliver a couple of scoops of ice cream.

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