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Praline's Corporate OfficeSoft serve was created by accident when a Carvel truck got a flat tire and the driver had to sell his melting ice cream. The idea was refined and a soft serve shop was opened with a secret soft serve formula and soft serve machines. Today, soft serve is made in a very similar way that ice cream is made. Essentially, soft serve mix is made if you do not finish the full process of manufacturing ice cream. You can also get soft serve mix in powder form, which has its own benefits.

When ice cream is made, it goes through a hardening phase to give the product a solid texture. This is done by freezing the ice cream mix at extremely low temperatures. Any of the ice cream that does not go through the hardening process would be considered soft serve.

Soft serve mix usually contains much less milk fat then ice cream. Produced at a temperature of about -4 degrees Celsius, soft serve contains a milk fat percentage between 3 and 6 percent. Another important ingredient to soft serve is air. Air is introduced to the soft serve mix at the time of freezing and alters the taste of the final product. The preferred amount of air depends on the flavor desired. Low quantities of air will produce a heavy, icy taste and create soft serve that is yellow in color. Higher air quantities will create a creamier, smoother taste with a whiter color. Some believe the ideal amount of air is somewhere between 33 and 45 percent of the soft serve's volume.

Both ice cream and soft serve must be frozen quickly to avoid crystallization. For soft serve, this happens inside a special machine when the product is dispensed. Besides the standard liquid mix, there is a powdered mix that can also be used. The benefit of the powdered soft serve mix is that it can be stored for long periods of time without spoiling. Water is added to the powdered soft serve mix prior to being churned and frozen.

Soft serve is a lighter, softer version of ice cream. Whichever type of soft serve mix is used, it will still have that creamy, light taste people love. Are you looking to serve soft serve ice cream? Get a high-quality mix from Praline's. Contact our corporate location to learn more about and order a soft serve ice cream mix.

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