10% Ice Cream Mix

Praline's Corporate OfficeThe United States Department of Agriculture is in charge of creating standards for food products. When it comes to ice cream, the USDA has its own set of guidelines that have to be followed. In order for a product to get the USDA's stamp of approval and consider it ice cream, it must be a 10-percent ice cream mix.

Much like every other product you can buy at the supermarket, ice cream is given standards that must be met in order to be acknowledged by the USDA. One of the requirements for a product to be considered ice cream is that it must contain a minimum of 10 percent milk fat. Any percent of milk fat, also called butterfat, that is between 10 and 16 percent is deemed acceptable by the USDA. The higher the milk fat, the richer and creamier the ice cream will be. Many premium ice creams you can purchase at the grocery store will contain around 14 percent milk fat. There are ice creams that reach 16 percent milk fat and higher, but are rare. When ice cream has that high of a milk fat percentage, the taste is extremely rich and has a very high calorie count. Most ice cream distributors will not manufacture ice cream like this, because it is expensive to make it, and its rich flavor will result in people not eating as much of it. If you are looking to try some ice cream with a high milk fat percentage, you can get a mix to make it at home or look for a small ice cream shop that may make it.

Next time you purchase ice cream at the store, check to see what the milk fat percentage is. This will be a good indicator of the quality, richness, and creaminess of that particular ice cream.

Are you looking for a high-quality soft serve mix? Praline's Own Made supplies superior 10-percent ice cream mix for this purpose. If you are interested in purchasing, give our corporate location a call.

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