Welsh Farms Mixes

Welsh FarmsPraline's Own Made makes Connecticut's best ice cream, hands down, and since we can't share our secret ingredients with just anyone, we want to let all ice cream companies know that we are proud suppliers of premium ice cream mixes that are outstanding in flavor and equal to none in quality. All you have to do to get your hands on premium ice cream mixes for your company is contact Praline's corporate. We will quickly process your order and your mixes will be promptly on their way.

We supply a wide variety of Welsh Farms ice cream mixes so that you can create all of the popular flavors. From chocolate to vanilla, Welsh Farms supplies a base for you to create your own mixtures and blends that are unique to your company or parlor. Here at Praline's, we don't only supply Welsh Farms mixes of different flavors but we also supply mixes of different fat contents. We supply chocolate with both 12-percent and 10-percent total fat, and we also supply vanilla and unflavored Welsh mixes with 10 to 16 percent total fat. Feel free to choose the mixes that are perfect for your business.

The best part about Welsh Farms mixes is that the milk used in the mixes does not come from cows treated with rBST, or Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin, a.k.a. synthetic growth hormones used in dairy products. There are some controversial arguments on whether rBST is bad for the consumer, and for this reason, Welsh Farms does not use milk from cows treated with rBST. Even though ice cream isn't exactly a health food, you can rest assured that Welsh Farms mixes are healthier than most.

Swing by Praline's corporate office or contact us today to get your Welsh Farm mixes. Please note that you cannot purchase Welsh Farm mixes from our individual parlors.

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