Franchise Fee-Free Business Opportunities in Connecticut

Pralines Ice Cream offers no-franchise-fee business opportunities to entrepreneurs in Connecticut and the surrounding areas. If you are interested in running your own business and working with established, experienced ice cream professionals in New England, starting up and operating your own Pralines Ice Cream branch could be the solution for you. This is a franchise-free opportunity, meaning your profits are yours. There is no monthly royalty franchise fee. Purchase your Pralines ice cream from us via our retail agreement and you’re set to go, no franchise fee.

Pralines is one of the best ice cream companies in the United States, creating over 40 delicious flavors including our monthly flavors, frozen yogurt, ice cream cakes, and more -- with 12 wonderful locations throughout Connecticut and available in shopping stores as well.

Opening a franchise-free business allows you the freedom you desire as a small business owner. Pralines is a trusted brand of quality that will draw customers to your location. When you become a reseller of Pralines Own Made® Ice Cream, you have our years of experience in the industry just a phone call away. Using only the best ingredients available, we take great pride in making the best quality ice cream for our customers to enjoy, and now you can provide fun Pralines ice cream in a community of your own.

A retail agreement benefits you as a store owner in that you resell our product but don’t have to fork over a percentage of your revenue each month as in a traditional franchise arrangement. Without the royalty fees, you put more money in your pocket to help grow your business. You’ll be surprised by how soon you may be considering opening a 2nd location! We believe that as long as you love what you are doing, that you never really work a day in your life. If ice cream is your passion, we want to help bring your passion to life.

Stores that carry our “Own Made Ice Cream” carry the best tasting ice cream flavors on the planet. If you’re interested in opening your own fast, friendly, and fun store, contact us for more information on franchising and the retail agreement.

Don’t put your dreams on hold – contact us today for more information on starting your dream business.

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