Our Holiday Yule Log

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Who says you can’t have ice cream in winter? Now that the fall season, a time of pumpkin and apple flavors, is transitioning into the blustery cold of winter, ordering Praline’s Holiday Yule Log is in order! A perfect centerpiece for parties and get-togethers, our Holiday Yule Log exceeds cookies and other mundane seasonal treats by leaps and bounds.

Quality is always a constant with Praline’s ice cream, and our Holiday Yule Log is no exception! The freshest ingredients make up this terrific cake and ice cream combination. Our delicious Black Raspberry Ice Cream coupled with a Chocolate Cake Roll topped with Chocolate Cake Crumbs and Chocolate Drizzle is sure to get people talking, and you will be the hit of the party!

Try Something Different!

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Dig into our Home Made Holiday Treat!

Whether you are hosting a holiday party or are attending one, prepare in advance by pre-ordering your Holiday Yule Log Ice Cream Dessert. Our specialty is developing unique ice cream flavors and toppings combinations to keep you coming back for more, and our delectable holiday treat embodies these aspects. Our process allows us to make controlled batches of ice cream, so that no matter what store you land in the taste is the same.

With its attractive presentation and perfect combination of flavors, the Praline's Holiday Yule Log gets the attention of both eyes and taste buds. As you spend some quality time with your friends and family during the Holiday Season, enjoy the Yule Log alone as an after-dinner treat or with coffee or milk.

Great Holiday Gift Idea!

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Perfect Texture and Taste!

If you are not attending a formal party, maybe you are a business owner who wants to get your clients something special for the holidays to show them that they are appreciated. Personally dropping one of these Ice Cream Yule Logs to a place you want to recognize as a great company that helped you throughout the year is very rewarding. You can also bring the Praline's Yule Log to your company Christmas Party and impress your coworkers with this thoughtful gift.

Praline's Ice Cream welcomes you to visit one of our stores to see it for yourself. Get one early because they will go fast! They can stay frozen right up to serving, so you won't have to worry about a long thaw like our competitors’.

Happy Holidays from the Staff at Praline's!



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