Variety of Ice Cream Flavors

We like making so many delicious flavors of ice cream. There’s something for everyone to enjoy. Maybe you like to get the same thing every time, which is great, but for some, the spice of life is variety. This is why we’ve created so many mouthwatering ice cream recipes for our customers to enjoy. You can come back time after time and try something different, or stick to your favorite. With so many contenders for “favorite flavor”, be sure to give them all a fair opportunity to be yours.

At Pralines, we like to make sure that everything we do comes out just right. That’s why it’s locally made and delivered to your local ice cream shop or grocery store Fresh!. The most important thing is that we take vare in making it, using only the finest ingredients known to man, and following the same great recipies handed down to us through the generations.

Over the years you can see by walking into any of our ice cream parlors throughout Connecticut that we have taken care to diversify our flavor portfolio, and it has paid dividends! Our ice cream varieties number over 40 flavors year ‘round, not to mention our delightful seasonal flavors we let out now and again.

With so much deliciousness to try year round, why not come to your nearest location to try some of our good ol’ Vanilla, made with the finest real vanilla extract, or indulge in our classic Chocolate ice cream, which we make using real Dutch Cocoa. There’s Chocolate Chip, Graham Cracker Smackers, Fudge Ripple and Cookie Kaboom, and that’s just to name a few!

Our delicious ice cream is being served all over the state of Connecticut. Find the CT ice cream parlor serving Pralines Own Made™ ice cream.

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